Our school provides a well-balanced curriculum that foster children’s interests as well as developing programs to support the learning development of the whole child. The programs provide opportunities for children to connect their learning through daily experience so that children can apply into their daily life.

*Daily life theme topic:

The themes are based on daily-life orientated programs, together with interesting contents such as family, festivals and community etc. to consolidate the mainstream curricular that nurture children’s learning developmental milestones.

*Learn through play

Our main aims are to encourage and facilitate children to explore through games. Learning through play can build up children’s interests, concentration and adaptability. We support and provide children opportunity to explore and participate in games.

*Character education (The 7 habits of highly effective people)

Practices make perfect. We believe that nurturing morality is the main milestone for learning. Our school is proud and honour to be selected as one of the kindergartens in Hong Kong to incorporate ‘The 7 habits’ topics into our curriculum program.

The seven habits of highly effective people include: