Voice of the Principal

Voice of the principal


Fu Heng Baptist Lui Kwok Pat Fung Kindergarten was established in 1991. We aim to serve the parents and children with love of Christ in Tai Po. We have developed an appropriate curriculum for children with our professional knowledge in education which stimulates children's spirit of exploration in learning, cultivating creativity as well as building good relationships with peers.
Teaching content can enhance children's interest in learning. Perfect equipment can help children's physical and mental development. In addition, a rich learning environment can stimulate children's desire to explore things around them. Our team has established a good relationship with parents to nurture children's characteristics and attitude in correct values. Learn to be a sensible person, to respect and accept others by showing the love of Christ. We believe in influencing life as great important factors so that children can become good citizens to honor God and benefit others from early childhood till they grow up! Let us seek for God to
nurture our children such as taking care of seedlings as God has entrusted to us.


 Principal Leung Sau Ying